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Prepare yourself for International Career
一窺歐美醫療儀器產業現況 走向國際職涯

Time: 1:00-3:00  PM (UTC+8, 台灣時間), Aug. 11th, 2018

Venue:  Kafnu Taipei, Taiwan
台北市民生東路三段101號12樓(Kafnu 十二樓 多功能展演廳)

Moderator: Theresa Yang, Regional Head of Europe-Taiwan Biotech Association

Guest Speaker: Alan Huang, Global Product Manager at Philips Neuro (USA), Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering at John Hopkins University of Medicine

本次沙龍邀請到飛利浦醫療器材公司(神經產品事業體)的全球產品經理 Alan Huang (PhD, Biomedical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; BS, Neurobiology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin) 來台灣向年輕學子和在職工作的朋友們聊聊他進入醫療產業將近六年的的歷程,所認識的歐美醫療市場發展現況。

更重要的是,Alan 願意親自向聽眾分享最初從研究圈轉入美國和歐洲醫療器材產業工作的生涯轉折。在這場產業沙龍聚會裡,你可以透過主講人分享了解歐洲和美國產業各自吸引人的地方,還有比較實務的經驗分享,包括:跨國企業產品部門怎麼做上游產品行銷規劃,在跨國企業內整合跨部門資源推動新案的心得,以及企業內的工作挑戰跟克服阻礙的組織生存軟實力。

其他在沙龍中將要討論的題目包括:How to make the transition from academia to industry? What are the appealing aspects of career in Academia versus Commercial sector?What is upstream product marketing all about in medical device company? (skill wise, knowledge wise) How and when to ask for a promotion without getting backfire results? Tips for managing up and down in large multinational company…


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