Switzerland-Taiwan Medtech Leader’s Forum

Date: Nov 22th, 2019

Venue: Parterre Rialto

Birsigstrasse 45, 4054 Basel, Switzerland

ETBA is hosting this year’s Switzerland-Taiwan Medtech Leader’s Forum in Basel, Switzerland to facilitate the business collaboration between Taiwan and Switzerland. With a special focus on Medtech industry, this half-day forum will give an overview of the local industry landscape in both Taiwan and Switzerland, as well as cover the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), AI in life science, and business collaboration between these two countries.

This event is, above all, a great opportunity to expand business network and develop international business activities between Switzerland and Taiwan.

Event Details

ETBA Munich Seminar: Career Perspectives in the German Life Sciences Industry
歐洲台灣生技協會 慕尼黑講座;德國生技業的職涯發展

Date:  30th Mar 2019

Venue: Munich Germany

After fruitful events in Switzerland and Taiwan, ETBA oragnized its first seminar in Germany. The seminar successfully delivered different perspectives on the life science industry in Germany and application strategies to audience of various backgrounds.


Second ETBA General Assembly & Year-end Potluck Party

Date:  19th Jan 2019

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

The second ETBA General Assembly was held in Zürich, Switzerland on 19th Jan, 2019. The goal of this event was to give our members and interested audience an overview about our past and future activities. It was a great occasion for our core team to interact and connect with the members. We wish everyone a successful start in 2019.


Switzerland Taiwan Biotech Leaders Forum

Date: Oct. 18th, 2018

Venue: EY Taipei office, Taiwan

With the goal to enhance the dialogue between Taiwan and European countries, ETBA hosts the 2018 Switzerland-Taiwan Biotech Leaders Forum (STBLF) together with our partners Trade Office of Swiss Industries (TOSI), Taiwan Bio Industry Organization and EY Taiwan. The event features a unique blend of speakers and distinguished panelists from both Switzerland and Taiwan to share their views on the innovation and business opportunities between Switzerland and Taiwan.


Prepare yourself for International Career in Leading Medical Giants
一窺歐美醫療儀器產業現況 走向國際職涯

Date: Aug. 11th, 2018

Venue: Kafnu Taipei, Taiwan

In line with one of ETBA’s core missions, “Cultivate students and young talents with inter-cultural exposure and international work experience”, we invite the Global Product Manager from Philips (USA) to talk about his work experiences and takeaways during his travel in Taipei. And we hope that, through his presence, students find their focus of personal development earlier in college, and working professionals discover ways to accelerate in the industry.


Career Workshop for Life Science: Start-up and career options in Europe and in Taiwan

Date: Jun. 30th, 2018

Venue: University Hospital, Basel

In recent years, career development in Life Science sector no longer follows a linear trajectory. Starting up a company is getting increasingly popular as a new career option. To discover the resources and opportunities to kick off your venture, the Career Workshop brought to you by ETBA is the one that you should not miss. Furthermore, exciting career opportunities in Taiwan are also worth exploring!


2018 Conference on Pharma and Biotech IP Strategy for EU and US
2018 歐盟暨美國製藥生技智財佈局策略會議

Date: Mar. 24th, 2018

Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

To support Taiwanese biotech companies forming international IP strategy, ETBA invited Prof. Fong-Chin Su, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology (蘇芳慶教授 科技部政務次長) and Prof. Chieh-Hsi Wu, Vice President, Taipei Medical University (吳介信教授 臺北醫學大學副校長) for opening remark. Dr. Bor-Fuei Huang, Secretary General, Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (黃博輝博士 台灣生物產業發展協會秘書長) as event moderator. Dr. Alexander Straus (European Patent and Trademark Attorney) from Germany and Dr. Ying-Ja Chen (Vice Director at ACT Genomics) to cover the essential IP strategy in Europe and US markets.


2018 General Assembly & New Year Party

Date: Feb. 4th, 2018

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

The first ETBA General Assembly was held at Gemeinschaftsraum nearby Triemli, Zürich, Switzerland on 4th February, 2018. The goal of this event was to give our members and interested audience a short overview about what we have achieved in 2017 and what we plan to do in 2018. It was also a good social event to meet new friends and to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.


Switzerland Taiwan Biotech Joint Business Council

Date: Nov. 2nd, 2017

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

Taiwan is undergoing a boom in biotechnology. More and more locally-developed drugs are entering late-stage clinical trials. New service providers, and manufacturing facilities are emerging to fulfill the needs from this rapidly growing industry. The 2nd Switzerland – Taiwan Joint Business Council successfully brought together the business executives and institutional delegates to promote business collaboration in the biotechnology arena.


Career Workshop: Job Hunting in Europe

Date: Oct. 14th, 2017

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

本次講座涵蓋三大主題:求職, 人際網路建立,以及大家關切的瑞士工作簽證申請。ETBA 特別邀請瑞士的移民法律顧問為與會者解釋瑞士移民簽證的種類和回答工作簽證的相關疑問,另外也有多位在業界工作的專業人士分享在大公司內部創業的實例,以及在海外找工作很重要的基本知識,例如: 歐洲求職的履歷準備,尋找職缺的管道,申請工作及面試的常見問題。最後,如何在歐洲建立自己的人際網絡及networking 的實戰技巧,也引起大家的熱烈討論。希望大家完成學業進入社會後,都能順利找到理想的工作。


ETBA Opening Event

Date: Apr. 8th, 2017

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland