Welcome to Europe-Taiwan Biotech Association (ETBA). ETBA aims to enhance the connections and collaborations between Taiwan and European countries in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.

We believe the advancements in these fields will contribute significantly to improve the qualities of life and make our planet a better place to live.

Currently ETBA is run by dedicated teams located in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and Taiwan, serving our association members spreading across over 17 countries.

Memorandum of Understanding between ETBA and SBA
ETBA 與 SBA簽署合作備忘錄

Date: Mar. 08th, 2019

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

We are delighted to sign a memorandum of understanding and team up with Swiss Biotech Association (SBA). Both parties  agreed to collaborate and co-promote their activities whereby the members of both associations can mutually benefit from. With the extensive network of SBA, it offers a promising opportunity for Taiwanese biotech companies to establish collaborations with one of the most flourishing biotech hubs in Europe.