Welcome to Europe-Taiwan Biotech Association (ETBA). ETBA aims to enhance the connections and collaborations between Taiwan and European countries in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.

We believe the advancements in these fields will contribute significantly to improve the qualities of life and make our planet a better place to live.

Currently ETBA is run by dedicated teams located in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Taiwan, serving our association members spreading across over 20 countries.

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活動時間: 2021/7/15  星期四 3 pm 台灣時間 / 9 am 歐洲時間

活動地點: Zoom

從 2019 年底 COVID-19 疫情爆發,各大藥廠開始積極投入相關疫苗開發,法規單位也發表 COVID-19 之應變指引。臨床試驗是疫苗開發重要的一環,它確保了疫苗的安全性以及功效性,即使在疫情急迫情況下,在進入市場前,疫苗也需遵守緊急使用授權 (EUA) 之規定。EUA是什麼?免疫橋接又是什麼?聽得霧煞煞,不要擔心,來聽專家為你解說!

Partner’s Event

Healthcare+ B2B Taiwan

Date/Time: 2021/12/2-5

Venue: Online

Healthcare+ B2B Taiwan is a business partnering and matchmaking platform initiated by the Healthcare+ Expo- a signature trade fair in APAC featuring advanced health technologies and the largest biomedical development. The expo brings together leading medical institutes, IT giant biotechnology and health tech companies, create a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations, fosters innovations and explores opportunities for healthcare now and tomorrow.